January 10, 2019

Lynsey & Sam – Winter Engagement

I was so, so honored when Sam & Lynsey wanted to fly all the way from Las Vegas to do their engagement shoot with me! Granted, they were in town to spend the holidays with family, but hey, I’d like to believe they’d fly to see me ;). Anyways, we may not have had the snow we hoped for, but we did enjoy wandering through the woods at Provin Trails with slightly above average December temperatures (not including wind chill).  These two were awesome enough to also try a new spot with me on a whim.

Not pictured, we enjoyed warming up after the shoot in true Grand Rapids fashion over crack beers and craft fries (or was it the other way around?) at the new Hop Cat location in Knapp’s Corner. Highly recommend this place, even if they are changing the name of their famous crack fries to something less offensive and more politically correct.

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