March 7, 2019

Boho Styled Shoot at Venue3Two

BAH! So excited to be sharing my first ever styled shoot! I’m still in shock at how quickly it came and went & how wonderfully it came together. I had been toying with the idea of a styled shoot in my mind for a while, but I didn’t know where to begin, and life felt too busy to really give it much thought. Besides, I love outdoors too much to do a shoot in the dead of winter, right?!? Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong. I received an email about a wedding happening at Venue3Two. I had never heard of this place, so I gave it a Google. I loved what I saw, so I did a bit more digging to figure out why I had never heard of such a pretty place so close to home. Turns out they are a fairly new venue & were just wrapping up construction on their conservatory area. I was curious to see the place, so I sent an email asking if I could check it out. They were so quick to respond & so happy to help. During my tour I got to hear the story of how the venue came to be and the owner’s heart for this place. They had first bought it as a property for rescue horses. These horses become part of a program to help empower and teach one’s potential for greatness to families at risk, underprivileged children, and rescued victims of human trafficking. It’s such a beautiful story & proceeds from weddings go to benefit this non-profit. I absolutely fell in love with Venue3Two after seeing its beauty (tons of natural light in any season!) and hearing the story of restoration built into the heart of the entire place.  You can read their full story here. Once I had a place I wanted to shoot, there was still a lot of work to be done, but everyone (see list below) I reached out to was so much more helpful than I could’ve anticipated. You should check them out if you’re needing any wedding help. I must throw in a huge shoutout to Elizabeth (Posh Petals). She is super wonderful and helpful, not only when it comes to weddings, but also life in general.  Seriously, we met up a couple times to plan this shoot & leaving those meetings I felt 1,000 times better about everything. She’s an excellent encourager & I cannot say enough nice things about her.


If you’re wondering where to get this look for your wedding, contact these fine people:

Flowers/planning assistance: Posh Petals @poshpetalsgr
Dress: Renee Austin Wedding @reneeaustinwedding
Rug & Gold Chair Rental: Fancy Fray @fancyfray
Venue: Venue3Two @venue3two
Hair: @i_care_for_hair
⁣Makeup: @Maricaini
Linens: Special Occasions West @specialoccasionswest
Glassware/chargers/dinnerware rental: Events Theory @eventtheorymi

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