My Story

It's about to get real

I knew ever since my first photography class in high school that it was my dream job, but (there’s always gotta be a but, right?) I lacked the confidence to pursue it. I figured most people don’t get to really do what they love for a living, right? SO, I did what felt safe. I pursued a career in accounting. It was easy for me, and I enjoyed it but, but I wasn't passionate about it. In 2017, after 5 years in the accounting field, I came to the realization that life’s too short to spend it doing something I don’t love. I overcame the perfection paralysis that was holding me back and began pursuing photography as my new career. I’ll never be perfect, but I can always be real. That’s what I love about photos anyways, the more genuine the better. After a year of hard work building my business, I was able to quit my full time job. Now I can truly say that I’m livin’ the dream!

My Philosophy

What I am all about

I prefer to use natural light whenever possible. I love getting up-close shots of the details you worked so hard to prepare. Most of all, I love catching authentic, raw emotion. Capturing those in between moments, when you think no one is looking - those are my favorite. Those are the shots that will take you right back to that day.

Enough talk, why don’t I show you?

My Favorite Things

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